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Tandem Skydiving in Atlanta

You watch the ground fall away from you as you climb higher and higher into the sea of blue sky above you. Before long you can barely make out the shape of your car or the airplane hangar. Soon, the Earth is just a grid of shades of green divided by gray and blue lines. You feel a tap on your shoulder from the instructor you're strapped to telling you it's time. You both crawl to the door of the plane and the lump in your throat grows larger with every inch that is opened. Your instructor taps your foot to indicate you should step out onto the platform of the plane but you can't move it. You're much higher than you expected. Your instructor is patient and he taps your foot gently again and squeezes your shoulder in reassurance.

You step out onto the platform and feel the wind whipping your hair. Your instructor removes your white-knuckled hand from the handle inside the plane and reminds you to grip the indicated hold that you discussed during your brief training session. All of a sudden you're in position and your instructor is counting in your ear—one, two, three......

…..You're airborne, there's no other way to describe it. You plummet with a comfortable buoyancy and you can't shake the smile from your face. After several seconds of enjoying the adrenaline-packed feeling, your instructor pulls the cord and the parachute explodes to life. After an initial ascent, you begin drifting gently to the ground for a perfect end to an incredible journey.

Skydiving Atlanta offers many services, one of the most popular is tandem skydiving. Our skydiving professionals take each diver through an all-inclusive safety training program before jumping so everyone knows how to stay safe in the air. Our skydiving training services are exemplary and we offer some of the best rates around.

Don't wait to cross skydiving off of your bucket list, call 1-850-203-0402 today to discover our amazing packages and offers. Our professional skydive instructors have the experience and training to give you a safe and delightful adventure.

Call 1-850-203-0402 today to make a reservation. For the cost of a forgotten night on the town, you can make an unforgettable memory.

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Want to know how to stop time? It's easy, go skydiving. The adrenaline-filled 60 seconds of freefall will last forever in your mind.

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