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Skydiving School in Atlanta

The advanced skydiving training offered at our network of skydiving schools is unmatched. Every extreme sports enthusiast should try free falling from 13,000+ feet in the air.

There are many skydiving benefits you'll get on your very first day. You'll have instructors right there with you the entire time. You'll learn hand signal instructions, how to check the altimeter, and how to deploy your chute. The fun does not stop there. You'll soon advance to other lessons such as body positioning, maintaining stability as you fall, and practicing 90 and 360 degree maneuvers.

The Sky Awaits

Skydiving school offers a life-changing experience unlike anything you can get on the ground. Our school's skydiving benefits are vast including gaining confidence, being able to face challenges head on, increase your mental and physical strength, relieve stress, and become aware of your body, nature, and everything around you.

Your Briefing

Don't worry – our Advanced skydiving instructors really teach you what you need to know. Before getting on board the plane, you will see our detailed orientation video. Afterward, our professional licensed instructors will go over what you need to know, and you can ask your questions. Then, you'll get the gear you need such as goggles, jumpsuit, and a harness. Once you're suited up, all that's left is to mentally prepare for what comes next.

The Experience

From the plane ride to your very first jump, all of your skydiving school preparation runs through your mind.. See the world from a new perspective as you freefall through the sky above Atlanta. If you feel nervous, look to your instructor for a boost of confidence.

Don't think about it for another minute! It's time to do it. Call the professionals at Skydiving Atlanta at 1-850-203-0402

Call Today 1-850-203-0402

Chicken Little said the sky was falling. It only seemed that way because he was on his way up. He jumped. Now it's your turn.

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